Knot that complicated

I’m not a knot freak. Some anglers approach knots like an art form, which it can be, but I’m no artist. I’m a utilitarian.

And so it is that I spend 99 percent of my angling days tying a mere two knots. These two above (as illustrated by Rod Walinchus for the book Trout Tips).

Nothing against knots, mind you. I once spent a good part of an evening trying to perfect the Bimini twist, which author Charles Gaines graciously taught me. I still practice it, but I think I actually use it about once a year.

Someone once told me that the two greatest “barriers” that inhibit people from getting into fly fishing are the challenge of the cast, and tying all those tricky knots. I do my best to work around that.

Still, if there are better alternatives to either of these, that are easier, stronger, and most importantly, teachable, I’d love the input.

—Kirk Deeter


said on Monday, September 25th, 2017

The Atlanta Fly Fishing School does independent testing of knots on all new leader materials every year. We have always found these two knots (improved clinch and triple surgeons knot) to be two of the strongest and easiest to tie knots. A new knot and easy to tie for the business end of the leader is Jack's knot. Google it!



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