Drift boat dogs: Maya

As my good friend Jon Christiansen says, “Your gotta show them the puppies…”

Well in this case, I’m showing the newest addition to our family, an 8-week-old pudelpointer named Maya. She’s as sweet as she looks, really sharp, and very active!

A pudelpointer, you may ask? Well, I was looking for a dog my son, Paul, and I could train together, and we were interested in a “versatile” breed. We love hunting upland birds as well as ducks. Supposedly, she will too. Pudelpointers originated from Germany, where they were bred to combine the best attributes of a German hunting “pudel” and the English pointer.

But when we were really thinking things over, tops on my wish list was a someday “boat buddy”—a dog who would ride in our dory, and if we happened to jump a duck or two on the river… well, you get the picture.

Right now it’s all about settling in and building the bond. But I’m eager to hear if you have any advice about dogs and boats… when should she take her first paddle around the pond? Any pudelpointer, um… pointers? Any votes for other breeds that make list of “best drift boat” dogs?

— Kirk Deeter


said on Monday, July 17th, 2017

She looks like she is saying, "Where is the best pair of shoes in this house that I can chew on!" LOL 

said on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

My Brittany Spaniel has been on my drift boat since he was five months old. He would have been on earlier, if not for winter. I actaually built a dog platform on the back of my clacka. When I let him out in the morning, sometimes he goes and sits in the boat waiting to go out. He is now 9 months old and he points rising fish.

said on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

I have a Pudelpointer who's now a little over 4 months old. He's been in rafts and drift boats since he was about 3 months old. The best advice I can give from my experience is tie him up until he learns his place in the boat. Otherwise he will try to eat your fly line! Mine lays with his paws out the boat and watches every thing going on in the water and gets super excited when you hook a fish. Every once in a while I find a nice calm area of river or an island and let him swim and run and then he usually comes back in and behaves. You picked an awesome breed that will be a perfect boat buddy and one hell of a bird dog!


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